Future Implications

With social media changing constantly, it’s hard to predict what the next trend will be.  What actions will brands take to stay competitive?  My guess is that video will be sticking around and will probably only get more important to brands and their social media marketing.  Here’s some interesting statistics, 61% of companies are using video marketing now and of those, 66% of them did not use it last year.   So, what is it that makes people want to watch a video?  Is it our innate curiosity that drives us to know what’s behind that little sideways triangle? Or are wevideo triangle just too lazy to read ad copy?  No matter what it is, if you own a business, it’s money in your pocket so you should start using it if you’re not doing so already.

Since video is so important, I wouldn’t be surprised if more businesses start using video chat for their customer service.  I know it’s been around for a while and some companies already offer it, but our lives are only getting busier.  Sometimes I barely have time to hit the ladies room during the day live video chat icon

never mind call a 1-800 number and sit on hold, type an email or type in an instant chat with customer service.  We, as consumers, have a new mind set as a result of social media and that mind set is instantaneous resolution to our concerns.  Having the ability to video chat on my phone with a customer service department rather than sit on hold as I’m running errands or going about my day, would make my life a heck of a lot easier.

Facebook is also something that doesn’t seem to be losing steam.  More and more companies are realizing they need to be on Facebook because that’s where their audience is.  However, those same companies are seeing their organic visibility diminish.  It seems as though the days of free posting and being seen may be coming to end.  Comthumbs up with moneypanies will most likely end up paying for the visibility they’ve been so used to for years.  But wasn’t this to be expected?  How could something so lucrative for brands stay free for so long?  It will definitely be interesting to see if any of this turns into the future norm.  I’d welcome your predictions.


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