I’m hanging up my recruiter hat for a minute and putting on my mom hat.  I want to talk about something that every mom has an in-depth knowledge of….grocery shopping.  I used to love it.  I would actually go to the store to escape from the chaos at home and I would see other moms doing the same.  The grocery store has nice music, grown-ups, no-one needing me to cook something, clean something, pick up something, tie something or wipe something.  It was great.  Now that my kids are older and I’m working full time and going to school and we’re juggling more kid activities, like guitar lessons, sewing class and 5 basketball games a weekend, I find it a HUGE pain in the a*s!  Pardon my French.

But really, all of this has nothing to do with my point.  I just needed to vent there for a second.  What I really want to discuss is the actual grocery stores themselves and their presence on social media.

I live in a town where there is literally 2 major grocery stores directly across the street from each other, Shaw’s and Stop & Shop.  Sometimes I don’t know which one to go to because they’re of equal distance and it’s almost the same exact experience.  They both have New England roots, are equal in size, price and quality and have been around for over 100 years.  They both strive to be the favorite neighborhood grocery store competing for the same customers.


When it comes to social media, they are almost equal there as well. They are both very active on all of the major sites, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, although, Stop & Shop tends to have more followers on each of their sites, i.e. Stop & Shop has 333.5K Facebook followers to Shaw’s 115.8K.  But yet, Shaw’s has more Check Ins, 10.5k to Stop & Shop’s 4K.   They both provide interesting content such as colorful photos, videos, recipes and tips.  And both of them also follow many best practices for social media like using relevant platforms, actively managing their brands, listening to their audience and integrating their social sites.  They’re both very active in the community as well and try to give back and support their local neighborhoods.  So, how do they differentiate themselves from one another?

Shaw’s has a blog which is interesting and Stop & Shop doesn’t.  That’s one difference I noticed.  But I think the one way in which they really differ is that Stop & Shop has a delivery service called Peapod.

Source: Stopandshop.com

This service, owned by Stop & Shop’s parent company, Ahold, has a link on Stop & Shop’s website and it has its own website, own app, own Facebook page, YouTube channel, as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Stop & Shop is offering customers a unique value added service that Shaw’s does not, and this service can be easily accessed via their social media sites and mobile app.

Stop & Shop has evaluated their competition’s strengths and weakness and determined how they can set themselves apart from them by offering their shared customers something they cannot get from Shaw’s…. convenience.  They’ve been able to build awareness of this service using their social media platforms.  I have yet to use the delivery service just because I feel a little guilty since the stores are only 1 mile away, but many busy moms I know use it.  Even some single people sans children I know use it just because it’s convenient for them and they hate going to the grocery store.  As my world continues to get busier and busier, I have a feeling I’ll be clicking on one of those links pretty soon and welcoming that delivery person with open arms.

Source: ezmealplan.com





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